[scamper-announce] scamper-cvs-20111202

Matthew Luckie mjl at luckie.org.nz
Fri Dec 2 10:04:58 NZDT 2011


Changes since 20110803:

* correct copyright notices to reflect that, until 2006,
   I have copyright.  No change to GPLv2 license.
* Switch from select(2) to poll(2) by default, which is useful
   when more than a thousand fds are monitored for events.
   Force the use of select instead of poll by invoking scamper
   with -O select.
* Add support for kqueue (BSD) and epoll (Linux).  To use,
   specify -O kqueue or -O epoll when scamper is invoked.
* Fix a bug that could allow scamper to enter an infinite
   loop if a packet with malformed IP options is received.
* Add support for raw IP sockets, and use these to send
   TCP probes in traceroute if the datalink socket can't be
   used to transmit.
* Set SO_REUSEADDR on TCP sockets.
* Add a new traceroute method: IPv6 fragment traceroute.
   specify the offset to encode in the fragment offset with -o
* Fix file support so that if '-' is specified as the source of
   addresses to probe stdin is read, rather than stdout.  ensure
   the file is closed if an error is encountered when opening a
* Fix bug in MDA traceroute where some TCP responses from the
   target were ignored.
* Fix a potential memory leak in the neighbour discovery code
* Implement code to calculate statistics (min/mean/max/stddev)
   on ping results.
* Detach the writebuf before closing an attached control socket
* Silence all clang static analysis warnings.

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