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Weekly Report for week ending 9 March 2012




Had more trouble with the emulation network than expected. Built a custom
ramdisk using proper tools (mkinitramfs etc) and a default Debian kernel
rather than using entirely custom ones. This worked fine, but after
installing an old image the machines would refuse to boot. Turns out that
the disks used to be part of a RAID and didn't have a useful MBR (and
frisbee didn't fix this). Built a master machine to create images from,
built a new Squeeze image and am now trying to convince frisbee to send
the entire image. I'm thinking a new version of frisbee may be required.

Tried to track down why the http2 test was performing DNS queries multiple
times for the same hostnames. Even with all the DNS cache sharing options
set in libcurl it will repeat requests, unless I force IPv4 only. A vague
line in a changelog looks like this might be fixed, but too recently for
the change to make it into Debian.

Finished putting together basic historical usage data for KAREN, it shows
a nice up and to the right trend.