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Weekly Report for week ending 3 August 2012




Spent some time improving the performance of the NLNOG RING AMP matrix
page - with tens of thousands of cells the page got rather large and slow.
I've culled the individual tooltips down to one reusable one, drastically
reducing the number of DOM elements on the page as well as reducing the
size of the raw HTML. It's still a monster but is almost becoming
manageable. Next step will likely be to move all the tooltip data to an
AJAX call rather than embedding it in the page.

Fixed up the getCommonPath function in AMPcentral to better fetch data
from the desired time period. The ending condition for the time period was
using an incorrect value which resulted in using much longer periods. This
now gives me correct path data through the web interface which I can use
for event detection and hopefully smarter grouping of events. Added
database support for dealing with common attributes between sources and
destinations, now need to collect the data.

Rewrote my AMP data sampling program to properly sort all data by time
rather than by source/destination pair, and to deal properly with fetching
multiple data types in a single run.