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Weekly Report for week ending 29 September 2017




Started looking into prometheus as an option for extracting useful statistics out of the BGP router. It's pretty simple to get working, though doing monitoring across multiple processes isn't as clean as I would like. Added tracking of simple route/prefix statistics to a test branch, and had a think about ways to get more detailed routing information (such as a looking glass might present) without interfering with updating routes.

Updated the pregenerated/prepackaged martians filter to include IPv6 martians.

Investigated an issue with some AMP graphs that prevents the interactive sliders from working on certain browser/OS combinations (mostly Windows). Hard to replicate. Looked like it might be an issue with out of date javascript libraries, but updating them didn't fix it. Need to find an easier way to replicate it to get any further I expect.

Spent a bit more time working on the design document from last week.