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Weekly Report for week ending 28 September 2012




Tried to make the generated alerts more efficient and more effective by
very slightly delaying the actual alerting - doing so means that the alert
can contain any other events that arrive immediately after the triggering
event. It also now sends me emails for certain event thresholds, but I
broke the live import of AMP data so need to fix that before I can get
more than the emails generated by my test data.

Started trying to make the information presented in the default web
interface a bit more concise and relevant to what is going on right now.
Trying to use a few graphs to give an initial overview of the recent data
while keeping the ability to go look at everything in detail as you can

The AMP deployment on the NLNOG RING was mentioned during a talk at RIPE
about the RING along with screenshots and links back to WAND. The slides
look pretty good and I think it went well.