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Weekly Report for week ending 28 July 2017




Spent some time thinking and reading about ways to improve resilience and reliability of the BGP project, and how multiple instances of it could interact. Wrote up some failure cases and some ideas around how they can be dealt with.

Had another look at the tcp_info struct and how much of the web10g style information has made its way into the kernel. There is almost enough there now to do interesting things around reporting possible causes of slowness in throughput tests, though no probes in any of our deployments are running new enough kernels to do so. Will put this aside for a little while until kernels are updated or I get some ideas how to use the information that is available now.

Picked up the Chrome/youtube test again now that the headless mode is part of the main branch and included in the current Ubuntu packages. I have my test program building and running using the libraries in the package, though still have to link against a static headless Chromium library that doesn't get distributed. The test runs, but crashes if there is javascript on the webpage that it loads. Unsure so far what I'm missing that could be causing this.