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Weekly Report for week ending 28 July 2017




This week I finished the simulation tools which allow building and simulating network topologies in Mininet. I spent some time working on testing the disaggregator in the simulation framework to make sure everything is working correctly.

While testing, I have found and fixed several bugs and issues. For example, there were some problems with parsing the BGP route updates for communities and also some behavioural problems when parsing the communities from the config file filters. The code has been modified to store and process communities as a list of integer tuples. The config file accepts entry of communities in several different formats. I have also addressed an issue that was preventing updates to be processed from peers that do not generate End-of-RIB markers. The dissaggregator now parses a peers Open message to check if they are going to send EoR markers, if not we will no longer defer the table updates until we see a marker for these peers.

I have also spent some time looking at various BGP performance testing tools and on unit testing the code using a similar approach to Faucet. I have also worked on modifying to code to make it Python 3 compatible. Currently, I am in the processes of further testing the code using Python 3 and addressing some issues that I have found.