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Weekly Report for week ending 27 October 2017




Found and fixed a bug where the udpstream test would not receive all the reflected packets used for RTT calculations because it gave up listening after waiting after one inter-packet gap. It now waits until all the packets have been received or the global loss timeout is reached (multiple seconds). Also found and fixed the problem that led to discovering this - the web interface was asking for inter-packet gap in milliseconds and then treating the number entered as if it was in microseconds, leading to a gap 1000 times smaller than expected.

Added the ability for an ampweb user to change their own details through the web interface without requiring admin privileges. Spent some time testing that the new permissions model works correctly and that users are limited appropriately.

Started work on adding debconf support to the ampy package as a simple way to ensure there is a usable user right from the start without hardcoding one.