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Weekly Report for week ending 25 August 2017




Wrote up a sample program to test out some heartbeat ideas, and some fairly simple ideas look like they should work ok, while sharing minimum state between instances of the routing engine. Started to implement that inside the actual BGP disaggregated router code to see how it will behave with real data. Started setting up my test environment to allow multiple instances to be running and connected to the same BIRD process so that they all get the same routes.

Had another look at the new TCP info available to processes now that I'm running a 4.10 kernel. My userspace hasn't been updated, but all the new information is available to me if I use the updated version of the struct. Looks like I should be able to get timing information about what is causing send to block (which end is at fault), as well as retransmit counts, RTT, etc that can be used to try to determine why the throughput test reported a particular result.