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Weekly Report for week ending 24 August 2012




Ran some more tests on the IPv6 packet filtering in the AMP ICMP test and
it does indeed appear that the errors are due to packets arriving between
the socket being opened and the filter being applied. That makes most of
the warnings much less worrying, and I've lowered the priority on those
that I can confirm aren't an issue. While investigating this I also found
a situation where various test resources weren't being freed in the
traceroute test if they involved IPv6 addresses. Fixed that as well.

Finished updating the protocol between the different parts of the event
detection process to use the new protocol design. Also changed it from
using local unix sockets to run across the network, as our data sources
will likely be on different machines to the eventing system. Socket input
for the time series data is also now supported rather than only using

Updated the sample web scripts that display event information to work with
the new database schema to confirm that everything is still working as it

Pushed out the AMP matrix changes to the NLNOG RING. Also investigated
colouring cells based on current performance vs historical performance
rather than raw latency values, which was a request they had.