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Weekly Report for week ending 23 March 2012




Fixed the http2 test in AMP to properly share the DNS cache between
simultaneous connections which means it no longer performs unnecessary
lookups for the same name. The sharing interface in libcurl actually works
quite well.

Tried to build new amplet packages including the recent changes, but ran
into some problems with libraries when building in my lenny buildroot.
Autoconf/make is meant to build a particular binary with an extra library
that the rest don't need, but this doesn't make it through to the Makefile
in lenny.

Jamie put together new RJ45-DB9 serial connectors for the emulation
network, so I created some sensible minicom configs for all the machines,
should be just as easy to use now as the old system with the Cyclades
terminal server was. Also set up udev on my linux image to force a
consistent order of the network interfaces that matches the way they are