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Weekly Report for week ending 21 July 2017




Spent some time working towards releasing a new version of the amplet2-client packages that have been stalled for a few months. Tidied up the Centos build to remove the -lite packages and ported the Debian init/postinst scripts. Merged some outstanding changes and tightened up some dependency checking. Just need to confirm that my transitional packages work correctly and then I think it's ready for release.

Had a look into some edge cases of the amp-web code to support an outside deployment that was seeing unusual behaviour. Found a few areas that need to be cleaned up to support viewing different data in the web interface - we don't use certain combinations of test options in our own deployment so viewing them hasn't been a priority.

Had a short chat with Florin about the BGP project that he is starting to work on this week. Got him up to speed with how how it all works and how it fits together.