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Weekly Report for week ending 20 July 2012




I'm still not happy with the event groupings that I'm getting, so spent
some time looking further into the literature for ideas. A little bit of
this is caused by my test data fetching program presenting information
outside chronological order (Nathan should hopefully have his one working
soon and I can use that) but a lot is still due to making bad grouping
decisions. Found a few interesting ideas about comparing events for
similarity, but most require more attributes to compare on. Thinking I
should start investigating other attributes that I can add to the events -
information about paths etc.

Wrote up a blog post
( about
our adventures with NDT, hopefully that will be of interest to a few
people. Might be worth looking deeper into it to see if we can track down
what was causing some of the performance issues.

Spent some time looking at various emulation network issues. update-grub
is sometimes using the wrong root partition, so running it often results
in an unbootable machine.