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Weekly Report for week ending 20 January 2012




Spent some time working on adding a latency test to AMP that will perform
DNS lookups and then test to the (possibly multiple, possibly changing)
addresses resolved. This can hopefully be used to give a bit of insight
into some of the google services. In doing this I found and fixed a few
more small bugs in AMP that were showing up with newer compilers etc on
the emulation network.

The Cyclades terminal server in the emulation network won't be getting
it's firmware upgraded - it now refuses to boot at all. Bringing it into
the lab and having a closer look at it doesn't really show any options on
how to improve the situation.

Put together a bit of pydoc documentation for the new emulation network
set up stuff. It's not complete but it covers most of the user facing
functionality and is very easy to use.

Spent some time working with Chris and William to get scripts in place and
working, testing various bits and trying to provide some helpful