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Weekly Report for week ending 2 November 2012




Spent some more time working on measured. Tests will now be forked and
run (currently just running touch or ping to check it works), with a timer
scheduled to kill any that run too long. Successful tests remove the timer
once they complete - catching the SIGCHLD from the test lets me do all the
required tidyup.

Tested it briefly on an emulation machine with 1000 tests scheduled
simultaneously every 20 seconds. Led to discovering a few small bugs with
the signal handling. After fixing them it all seems to run well, as long
as the watchdog timeout for hung tests is not too short (there isn't
always enough cpu time to go around). Everything works fine with slightly
fewer tasks or a slightly longer timeout.

Had another discussion with Shane about how we should structure tests and
started fleshing out a skeleton/example test. Basing it on a similar
structure to how Maji loads its various decoders etc, with lots of shared
objects that register various properties of the test when they are loaded.