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Weekly Report for week ending 18 August 2017




Implemented basic route refresh functionality in the BGP disaggregated router, and wrestled with exabgp to find out how to pass through the messages I required to do so. Also spent some time chasing down what looked like bugs in the topology module, but was actually a broken data file that didn't correctly describe the layout of the network.

Had another attempt at getting my chromium/youtube test working. It works fine when I build it within the chromium source tree alongside their example headless applications, but otherwise fails. It appears to be linking against a lot of object files deep inside chromium, as well as the headless static library (which I thought should contain everything needed to build a headless application?), as well as all the normal shared libraries. Back into the too-hard basket until they sort their stuff out or I have some more time to push through this.

Spent a lot of time reading about different approaches to HA/resilience, what sort of information nodes often pass around and how they go about sharing state (or avoiding sharing state).