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Weekly Report for week ending 17 August 2012




Short week this week due to being in Wellington for Thursday and Friday.
While I was there I caught up with Jamie and Sam Russell at REANNZ for a
chat about AMP and perfSONAR deployments on the network. There should be a
lot of new monitors going in shortly and it would be great if we could run
both measurement platforms.

Spent some time investigating error messages that have been showing up
lately in amplet logs. It appears there is some weirdness happening with
raw icmp6 sockets receiving packets that should have been filtered out by
a socket option. Reading through the kernel source it looks like filters
are doing exactly what they should be doing and I know believe it's due to
packets arriving and being buffered in the time between the socket being
created and the filters being set.

Changed the tooltips in the matrix display to all be fetched via ajax
calls, so none of that data is sent to the client initially. This should
speed up page generation (no need to fetch data for the last week) and
shrink the raw page size futher. Will hopefully deploy and test this on
the NLNOG RING matrix shortly.