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Weekly Report for week ending 13 October 2017




Expanded the new AMP user management interface to allow different roles to be given to each user, splitting the ability to view configuration from being able to edit it. Added and tested all the backend parts required to make the user management work - add/remove/modify/etc users. Updated each of the front end components to expect the correct level of permissions.

Continued to work on the BGP design document taking some feedback into account.

Started organising the BGP code into a more sensible looking module with tests and code in standard locations. Spent a lot of time getting the test setup working properly when run from It appears that the default setuptools test loader wants to treat every single file as a test rather than just those that match the documented filter, so this had to be changed to exclude non-test files. This was also complicated by the fact that the majority of the code is python3 only but some tests need supporting elements that only run in python2, and so parts need to be skipped based on the version of python being used.