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Weekly Report for week ending 13 January 2012




Recent software upgrades have meant that the imaging and configuration
program for the emulation network (that was based around ns-2 years
ago) needed to be recompiled to work with new libraries etc. Decided a
better solution was to finish the python version I started writing last
year to do the job. It's fairly simple now to install and configure
machines again, and hopefully won't be too hard to add in support for
virtualised machines as well.

In doing so I found some issues with the Cyclades terminal server used
in the emulation network - it kernel panics after a short amount of
uptime, sometimes while booting, and sometimes fails self memory checks
while booting. There aren't any obvious user serviceable parts inside (no
flash that we can replace), so going to try updating the firmware and see
if that improves the situation.

Also spent some time trying to track down unusual ipv6 results that were
showing some sites as having no connectivity to other sites that they
normally should. Both Waikato and Victoria started failing to reach test
destinations at the same time last month, which I'm trying to track down.