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Weekly Report for week ending 1 September 2017




Spent most of the week working with the TCP throughput test to investigate what I can actually do with the new information, and integrating it into the test. Retransmit counters, RTT etc are easy to extract and explain. I also get information about time spent blocked due to the receive window on the remote end, or the send buffer on the near end of the connection, but I'm not convinced about how accurate these are (or I'm not understanding what they mean correctly) - drastically limiting my send buffer size will only sometimes report any time spent limited by the send buffer, and querying when I know for certain that there is no outstanding data doesn't always report as being application limited. It's a starting point at least, so I'll keep looking at the data and see what can be done about it.

Kept working on making the BGP disaggregated router more resilient. Implemented a few new messages to communicate the state of peers between different processes within a single instance so that they can be compared with other instances. Got some simple logic working that will disable any instance that is known to have an incomplete view of the peers.