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Had a big assignment due this week, when it was done I was all ready to work on my project. Then I decided to reboot back into windows...and got bombarded with checkdisk errors - fun! It decided it might be fun to truncate some files without saying anything more than a file number and those are really annoying to translate. Nothing important seems to have been corrupted (against the copy on my laptop) and after several annoyingly long hardware checks I think it must have just been a fluke or a badly plugged in SATA cable - good way to use up the weekend. I've had this problem before - hopefully it isn't the Linux NTFS drivers (I have them set quite deliberately to norecover) or something, would be really nice to find what is causing it once and for all. It would also be nice if windows actually REPORTED the trickle of filesystem problem events it's logged over the last few weeks. Thankfully I have daily online backups that are versioned. Hopefully I can hold the computer together for a couple more weeks as there seem to be a couple of corrupted system files.

Interim report due on Friday - think I might use Google Docs for drafting that or at least save in my dropbox folder just in case.

Edit: My computer didn't wake properly this morning so I powered it off. Now the power button doesn't do anything - at least now I know it is a hardware problem. Looks like my suspicions about it being the power supply might be right afterall (the oldest component).