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Weekly Report




Got less time that I would have liked to work on my project, as usual. Had a chat with Brendon about good C coding practices, string parsing and SSL. Between that, some SSL tutorials and wading through the OpenSSL documentation I managed to get a BIO socket working both with and without SSL transparently. This worked with HTTPS, but ActiveMQ wouldn't accept SSL STOMP connections without certificates/keys being set up (or I'd configured it wrong). Looked in to how to get that organised but it's a little convoluted with differing keystore types.

Managed to get my little toy app to send a STOMP CONNECT frame and get a reply so that's a start. Took me a couple of minutes to realize that I can't put a null at the end of null-terminated string with BIO_puts(). BIO also has a BIO_gets() which (usually) reads lines from the socket, which could be handy for header parsing as an alternative to tokenizing. In my OpenSSL documentation wading I came across that you can have authentication without encryption which I didn't know, and that BIO has nice support for non-blocking IO. In general OpenSSL doesn't seem too bad, just badly documented.

Next step is to figure out certificates, keys and the like; and get that working. Then I can start writing something resembling a STOMP library.