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Weekly Report - 8/5/2015




Started making progress on the actual code behind the controller. So far I have it running, getting packets in and reading said packets. Ran into a bit of delay in figuring out how I'll create the rules since I started off by trying to create rules for DHCP communication, but since I don't know what ports on datapaths it's connected to to begin with, I need to learn them once I've started.

My initial thoughts are that I know the MAC/IP of my infrastructure that connects to the core switch, so I can create ARP packets, send them out the flood port and wait til I get a reply and handle them from there. Once I've done this, I can create the flows to allow DHCP traffic to get where it needs to go.

The next part is how does my controller know when a client is allowed to have internet access (Authorisation of AAA). I assume that one a client tries to talk to the WAN router, that information of where the WAN router lies has been given to them, so should be allowed to have access to it. The only problem here is that one could just know the configuration, set themselves up manually and go for it. I think this situation is okay for now, since this is less of a priority of getting things working in the first place.