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Weekly Report




Had very little time this week with an assignment but I've pretty much decided on using a STOMP compatible custom system. This week I've been checking the requirements like failover possibilities are met (or can be made to meet). It would be nice if STOMP had brokerless support, but since it is a simple protocol I don't see too much of a problem with sending messages (as opposed to 'send') directly to nodes - I think it is better than using a totally custom protocol. There are some slightly irritating limitations with not being able to get message ID's at the publish side but these can be worked around with many STOMP servers supporting JMS-style header extensions (and any server just pass custom headers along anyway).

This would mean AMP could interoperate with any STOMP server (ActiveMQ. RabbitMQ, HornetQ) for sending results. Still need to double check and satisfy myself there are solid reasons for rejecting MQTT/ZeroMQ/Facebook Scribe. I feel AMQP's many incompatible protocol versions basically rule it out, even though it is a little more flexible than STOMP. Hope to start having a play with toy implementations next week. One of the things I want to figure out is how acks get passed around and how they relate to receipts as that could be an issue.