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Weekly Report




Went back through a few of the messaging systems in more detail and got a much clearer overall picture. It seems there is some interesting politics around AMQP as one of the original developers (and developer of OpenAMQ), iMatix, abandonded it as poorly designed and getting nowhere in late 2010 and went on to develop ZeroMQ. The main implementation of RestMS was also part of OpenAMQ and also appears to be dead as there has been no activity on it's website or mailing list since then. Looked in to protobuf and thrift (as part of looking at Facebook Scribe) and they do seem like a great way to better define the message contents. There is definitely no perfect system so a good option may be to generalise the existing one.

Had a meeting with Richard to discuss progress and possibilities. We decided that this week I will finish examining the options in time for a meeting next Monday with Richard and Brendon to discuss the top candidates and the existing system; and hopefully make something resembling a decision.