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Weekly Report




Spent several hours doing research earlier in the week. Found that Kafka and Flume are heavily java based which was disappointing. Haven't looked too much into Facebook Scribe yet. Knowing exactly what terms to look for now in other messaging systems has been helpful. RestMS seems interesting as it is designed by one of the developers of AMQP to address some of its limitations, and has queuing at the client side. There is definitely a lot of cross-compatibility between different messaging systems and protocols (e.g. RestMS and AMQP) which makes things a little easier.

Feeling like I'm losing the big picture a bit by spending an hour or two at a time between other things. This week I intend to spend more time in one go (due to the teaching recess) and go back through the options in detail, keeping track of requirements and features rather than the loose collection of notes I have so far.