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Weekly Report




Spent the Monday and part of Tuesday this week getting slides together for the COMP514 lecture I gave on Tuesday. This went well, and I'll be able to reuse some slides in the internal PhD conference.

I then looked at the problem of checking for dependencies beyond pairs - such as triples etc until an entire dependency chain is considered. One realisation I came to was that my simulation when expanded beyond two tables would consider all combinations of the rules - with some situations possibly being detected as unreachable. Something which seems very similar to merging rules into a single table, and just as bad in terms of rule expansion issues. Merging rules into a single table is a procedure I will need in the future anyway to manipulate rules to fit. I've approached this by merging one table with another allowing me to check portions, and the entire pipeline simply by merging the result of the tables prior with the next in the pipeline. This work is still ongoing.

As part of this I have also been adding many set features (intersect, union etc) and other useful operations to the FlowMatch and FlowActions classes. I've also added some more unit testing for adding ActionSets and/or ActionLists together, after finding and fixing a couple of bugs in this.