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Weekly Report




I reworked all of the action classes used to store flow actions. They now maintain a normalised ordering at all times, updating incrementally when items are added. This has improved performance by reducing the time spent resorting the lists before checking equality etc. I've also added another equality check to see if actions are equivalent, this detects cases such as [output:4, pop_vlan, output:1, output:2] being equivalent to [output:4, group(pop_vlan, output:1), group(pop_vlan, output:2)] - this is useful for checking for equivalences.

I fixed a handful of bugs with the placement algorithm so far.

I also looked into the priorities included in the OFDPA Table Type Pattern, these were causing rule sets that I except would fit to fail. Rules in the ACL table had priorities assigned, implying that they have to be added at those priorities. This makes it impossible to put a rule at a higher priority than another. However testing this on the hardware seemed to allow these to be placed at any priority with the expected function. For now I'm ignoring all priority values listed in the TTP (in most tables there cannot be any rule overlap so this does not matter).

I started writing slides for a COMP514 lecture, some of which will also be reusable for PhD presentations.