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Weekly Report




This week I worked on creating and installing a single flow into the of-dpa pipeline automatically. To do this the computed position of a rule needed to be converted back to a ryu flowmod. Because I'm only looking at a single rule and not splitting it up currently it seems like the original flow could simply be installed with an updated table number. However it is not this simple in of-dpa, as almost all output actions are indirected via a group and require specific priorities on rules to install them.

As such the first step was updating the satisfies() code to return not only the remaining portion of the match but also to return the flow rule required to install it. This allows the priority and groups to be passed back. Secondly I added code to convert from the internal format back into ryu flowmods and groupmods, including of-dpa specific logic for creating groups numbering.

I also read over a draft of Dimeji's masters thesis and have given him my feedback.