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Weekly Report




Short 2 day week this week before heading down to Wellington for SDNcon.

I added the 'all' group support so that we can handle the multicast case in ofdpa. I spent the remaining time writing tests for the satisfy match part of the TTP code. This included the checking for correct processing of the 'meta' elements within the lists (which are used throughout TTP's).

For SDNcon Brad, Kit, Michael and I teamed up implement faucet, a VLAN switch, for the ofdpa pipeline. We were successful in doing so, the code is now up here

SDNcon was great to meet up with other researchers. I had a chance to meet students from Victoria and UNSW. Victoria also has students working on ofdpa with an AS4600, like us, and I was able to get some newer firmware from them - I'm still to test this. It seems that everyone is having similar issues. I look forward to keeping in touch and sharing knowledge with everyone.