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Weekly Report




Still working towards the goal of generating and installing some rules into the ofdpa pipeline. I've continued with processing groups in the TTP, this is needed in the of-dpa pipeline as groups are needed to install output actions. I've also found that in some other cases other actions need to be applied in the group too rather than in the instructions. One such that is seen is the pop_vlan, which is done in the group rather then the instruction. As such I now walk into the groups and their buckets and process the actions included. However this is still not catching all cases, I still need to implement multicast and broadcast, which in ofdpa is control by a group with group_type="all" in which its buckets reference indirect groups which output to a port. This case is interesting because it is a copy operation to each indirect group, where each indirect group can separately choose if it pops a vlan or not.

An updated version of the of-dpa TTP pipeline has come out this week, it looks like they've added one or two fields, however there are no code and or documentation updates accompanying it. I've spent some time working through fixing up the table type pattern (a script of regex replacements which works with the new and old versions), I'm now fully parsing all the identifiers and groups that have been defined and have corrected a number of typos. I hope to push these changes back to the github soon.