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Weekly Report




Working towards a short term goal of trying to install automatically generated flows in the ofdpa pipeline, before tackling the larger issue of dependencies between rules. This requires me to install entire Flows match+instructions/actions, as such I've been working on adding instruction and action matching, previously I've only been considering the match portion.

I have been working through the process of parsing in instructions and actions much like I have already done for the match portions for both the TTP and converting ryu flows to a intermediary representation. As part of parsing the action I've created a simple topological sort which returns a normalised representation for apply actions, as this action list is applied to the packet in the order specified, however only some actions are dependent on earlier ones. I've restructured some common code parsing meta items in lists into a TTPList type which handles the parsing of meta items and the logic around satisfying the condition imposed.

For now apply actions are only be matched with apply and write with write, however both will be considered in the future.

The next step is parsing groups, which also include instructions in their buckets!! and are required to output packets in the ofdpa pipeline.