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Weekly Report




In the past couple of weeks I've been working further on processing Table Type Patterns and matching rules into these. In terms of processing Table Type Patterns I have extended the fitting of existing flow rules into the pipeline to consider which prior tables a packet is required to traverse in order to get to a table which a rule will fit. Then given that path check that flow rules that will match the required packets can in fact be installed. All of this is currently only considering the match component.

I've also been working on the task of splitting a single table of rules in to multiple tables. This process involves finding which parts of a flow rules accurately predicts its actions, i.e. finding an ideal place a set of rules can be split across tables. This could be useful in order to fit a restricted pipeline, or find further optimisations (Note in an unrestricted pipeline lower priority rules can trivially be place in a later table with a goto linking the tables). One such optimisation I'm working on is reversing the Cartesian product, as is seen in switching any source mac can go to any dst mac, resulting in a n^2 expansion when placed into a single table. As such I try to detect this case once flows have been split and condense down these rules. To get this working well I've found adding fake rules that go out of the in_port help, as openflow will drop these packets and have attempted normalising cases such as when vlans are present such that all untagged packets are promoted to include vlans resulting in more rules overlapping.

With both the processing of Table Type Patterns and Splitting of flow rules I've been working on some basic unit tests. I've found unit tests useful as this code is starting to grow in size to detect bugs etc.

Last week with Brad found a newer version of ofdpa for the Accton and with his assistance we have successfully installed this. I've updated my simplest switch to work on the newer pipeline and install some functional rules. So far I've found somewhat of a version mismatch between ofdpa and indigo agent missing some match fields required to install certain types of rules, however in the case of simplest switch I've worked around this. I've emailed Accton to see if it is possible to get an updated version. Despite this, the version of ofdpa seems very functional and I'm hoping to be able to do most things I want on it.