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Been working through parsing a Table Type Pattern, these are just JSON objects making them easy to load, however some work is involved with extracting meaning. So far I've been looking at Broadcom's ofdpa TTP, this represents a real word pipeline. The ofdpa TTP has a few typos which I have worked around.

I've been using python and ryu to parse the pipeline and the start of detection of where flows/rules can be added to the pipeline. The ryu app grabs all the rules from a switch and attempts to fit these into the TTP pipeline, this is currently a very simple process where flows/rules can be placed in a table if the match set match the TTP's allowed matches. Order dependencies as well as the instructions associated with the flow/rule are being ignored.

Going forward the plan is to look at loading some of the sample TTP pipelines and further the processing to consider dependencies to reach a table to install a rule.