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Weekly Report




Had a couple of days off sick this week, however this report also covers the week before.

Continued with work getting sample flows, this time from vandervecken. I setup the vandervecken ISO in a KVM machine and a small mininet network. Like with other apps I'm trying to keep the environment as contained as possible so it can easily be run on any machine. I also ran vandervecken on the new DPDK OVS software switch with some simple iperf3 benchmarks comparing fast-path to the slow-path, this gives me some solid results for the paper to show the improvement and proof of reaching line rate.

I've given more thought to the problem of creating dependency graphs while cacheflow gives a starting point it is still not entirely clear to me at the form a multitable implementation will take. The complex dependencies between tables, especially with apply vs write actions, are still not clear. This comes down to defining what a dependency is, which depends somewhat on what restrictions later possible transformations will have. A dependency between tables could simply be any rule which sends traffic to a rule in the next table and it's dependencies. However it is possible that for some transformations this is not the best definition, for instance if rules are writing an action to the action set it may be possibly to move these to an early table, it which case it is not obvious a dependency exists. The compression to a single table as in flowadapter is still a viable approach to overcoming this part of the problem.

My next step is to take rules independent of tables and dependencies and detect which tables these could be placed in in a new pipeline. This involves reading in a hardware description for which TTP still gives a good starting point, despite vary few vendors having released TTP's. In fact I'm only aware of a TTP for ofdpa and a couple samples released with the spec.