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Weekly Report




Hi! I'll be working on a more flexible message queuing system for AMP as my 520 honours project this year. This week I joined the WAND group, had an orientation meeting and a meeting with Richard Nelson, my supervisor, to discuss the beginnings of requirements and evaluation criteria (most importantly that it copes well with misbehaving networks).

One potential issue we discussed was that the default client/server centralised nature of AMQP (or at least RabbitMQ from my very brief look so far) isn't very conducive to reliability under adverse conditions. More advanced configurations (clusters of servers and the like) appear to be possible and will need investigating; as well as where queues actually reside (they appear to be stored on the server), which could complicate co-ordination. Casting a wider net than the most popular systems might be needed to find the most suitable solution to integrate (or even implement if none of them are, which could be interesting).