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Weekly Report




This week I focused on my presentation, and then secure provisioning.

The presentation feedback so far can be grouped into two categories:

* Relying too much on domain knowledge:
- Heavily technical explainations of 802.11i RSNA (perticularly the key derivation)
- Too many acronyms!

* Not covering the problem and my own solution enough
- The jump from IoT to IEEE 802.15.4 was too abrupt
- What about Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?
- How much work have I actually done?
- Does it work?
- Nobody else has creating an open source implementation that uses beacons. This is important!

Andreas helped me out hugely by sitting down with me to refactor my slides. We came up with something very quickly for the next day's presentation that was much better than the first. I still have some more feedback I need to fold in before Wednesday next week.

I also spent some time trying to get a demo going. I want to demonstrate what is possible with a convenient provisioning process. I've written an Android app that will scan QR codes and pull a MAC address and PSK from it. I have also added Bluetooth Smart (BLE) to my coordinator application to accept BLE connections. The aim being to transfer the MAC and PSK to the coordinator (which can then push the PSK into the security supplicant).

tl;dr. Scan QR code on network node with Android. Bluetooth used to transfer PSK to coordinator. New device can then associate and authenticate with coordinator. Profit.