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Weekly Report




Have stopped work on the project, and am instead working on my seminar. I have one at Virscient on Tuesday, one in class on Wednesday, one at WAND the following week and then the final seminar the week after that.

Before I present, I really need to get some actual evaluation data. My title, "Creating a secure and low power internet of things platform", suggests I'm concerned with security and low power. I've got the security (I followed standards including RSNA, so it's at good as 802.11 assuming I implemented it correctly). For the low power, I'm not going to have time to implement serious power savings before my presentations (maybe I will before the final one, who knows). My goal here instead is to waggle GPIO pins to tell me which state the CPU is in, and then use the datasheet values to calculate energy assuming I add power savings.

At the same time, this profiling will tell me where most of the power isused nd where to focus my power saving efforts!

I've been sick the past week, so aside from the presentation I haven't been able to do this profiling. Maybe later today.