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Weekly Report




The security supplicant is now functional - encryption and decryption. All devices are using the same key which is written at compile time. I need to do some research into viable key exchange mechanisms, but I figure something like 802.11i / 802.11ai based will do the trick. 802.15.9 documents a key exchange protocol, however only members of IEEE 802 WG4 are able to see it. There is a very brief draft which I might be able to use to get something similar in functionality.

There's actually a fair chunk of functionality missing from the security supplicant. It is missing support for other key ID modes (explicit) as well as different security levels (MIC only, ENC with 64 and 128 bit MICs). It should be easy to add the additional security levels, however I think that this is a nice to have and doesn't really affect the end result.

My final presentation is not going to be on the 2nd of September. I am attending a wedding in Germany so my seminar will instead be on the 18th of August at 11am. More information to follow on the department mailing list!

Soon I will have to start focussing on the presentation rather than getting new features implemented.