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Weekly Report




Dean lent me a Segger JLink which I was able to use to start tracing down the hardfault. I was unable to do this, as the newlib library doesn't contain debug symbols.

While I could build my own, I created a work around exploting the fact that vsnprintf works fine.

The JLink is still very useful as I'm very likely to need to debug other issues later on. The XDS100v3 is pretty useless for this task. The JLink also provides a way better (faster, CLI) way to program the device so I suspect I'll even become more productive.

The next step is to try and get some reliable radio sniffing going. I need to ensure I can see 802.15.4 frames so that when I'm developing my own MAC I can make sure the frames are correctly formatted. This should be a trivial task as the CC2538DK comes with a USB dongle which there is already sniffing software for. I'm just unsure if I'll be able to do the sniffing under Linux.

tl;dr: I have UART, printf and malloc working. Now I need to start radio dev.