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Weekly Report




I have tests up and running.

There was a bit of an issue with the fact that it relies on using os.system to call tc. This activates loss after a random time period and then it times how long it takes for it to notice the packet loss. There seemed to be a problem if the random time period was too short, the whole program would lock up. So I solved that by adding a minimum time period to the sleep. This seems like a bad way of fixing this problem, but it worked and I have no idea how else I would get around it.

Anyway the test is running and I'm guessing it will be running all week.

There is a new ovs version and a new picos version so I am checking all of our past issues against those again just incase someone fixed them. Fingers crossed..

Also played around with our SDN with Brad. We fixed the issue with it constantly disconnecting from the controller. It seems our drop rule was taking precedence over the openvswitch hidden flows it uses to allow inband control. So all our control traffic was getting dropped. We had an awful work around, but then the new picos version fixed it.