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Weekly Report




Just been writing code to set up the tests and investigating how to programmatically generate packet loss in a way that will give me the best accuracy in terms of timing.

I havent been able to find a better option than just calling tc from within python with os.system. I am unsure how much that is going to affect the level of accuracy or how I can determine how much it affects the accuracy. So that is a bit of a concern, but I am soldiering on in the mean time.

I also helped Brad with our new SDN some more too. It wont stay up for more than a couple of minutes, because there seem to be issues with the routeflow rules interfering with the hidden rules (which have higher priorities than the routeflow rules, and therefore should not be being interfered with). But the point is that when the neighbour resolution on the switches times outs it cant re-resolve the address of the controller, so it loses connection. It's a bit weird.