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Weekly Report




My brain pretty much exploded from all the graph theory this week, so I put that aside to work on the actual testing approach.

The issue I have had with the redundant paths thing is I still havent been able to prove that my algorithm will actually always halt. I've tried a couple of approaches around this, but, as easy as it is to look at a picture of a network and pretty much instantly see exactly what needs to be done, turning that into an algorithm is really hard.

But the testing has been much more productive. The first thing to do is to determine exactly how quickly I can run the different approaches, IE how quickly I can poll the flow counters and how quickly I can send hello packets. This also means testing different switch implementations to see if that makes a difference. Then I can test different approaches about how quickly they notice loss of differing natures. Test how much latency is required for false positives, and how easily I can differentiate latency from loss. Then I can do some tests about how much this can scale.

So I have started playing around with the ovs bfd implementation to have a baseline to work from. I wont be able to beat the ovs bfd implementation in terms of speed, but that isnt configurable automatically.

Joe tells me the ovs bfd implementation is being librarified but that probably isnt done. Which is a pity, cause I really dont want to implement this from scratch.