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Weekly Report




My week has been split into two main projects, the first was continuing to work on my graph theory problems. In the end I decided since it the requirement of minimising flows is a specifically openflow problem it could be worth spending a bit of effort on, so I believe I have sorted out all the kinks in that and have just started implementing it again.

The other part was helping Brad set up the REANNZ SDN. We have it all connected now, and it passes packets, but we met a few snafus. The main one being that when you try to use the "normal" forwarding action the prontos seems to ignore the vlan for the first packet. So with 2 prontos along the path we were losing 4 pings (and 4 arp messages in each direction) every time we started over. The only solution to this was to either not use vlans or not use the normal action.

Brad also plugged things into the wrong ports and lots of nonsense like that. He might tell you it wasnt his fault, but he never writes weekly reports...