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Weekly Report




Thinking about the logistics of polling paths, made me realise that if I want to have paths in place to fail over to means I am going to want to be able to create those paths by using as few openflow rules as possible. So this can be done using two rules per destination per switch, but discovering these is complicated.

So I have been having fun with graph theory. Proving that it was always possible to achieve this with only 2 rules per switch, then trying to find an algorithm that does this tidily. I think my current algorithm is polynomial, though probably not a very nice order of polynomial, and its a bit messy so I am not entirely confident of that fact.

I also started to get worried today that it wont actually find a result at all in some cases. This is all kinda peripheral to my project, so I dont really want to spend too much time on it. But it is interesting and I can probably spin a chapter out of it.