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Weekly report




A second run of the Internet Simulator has been started with delayed Valgrind. Valgrind call-graph will be started after a day of running. This is to find out what the simulator is spending most of its time doing as it seems to be taking to long to run. These runs are using less than ten percent of virtual memory each, which is more economical than I thought. Tony McGregor is going to have a look at these results to help determine the problem.

More work has been carried out on our version of fast mapping which uses one round of traceroute MDA before and after 6-8 rounds of Paris traceroute. The analysis program has been upgraded to be more concise and descriptive. Also Paris traceroute has been upgraded to vary the flow ID used from trace to trace within the same scamper process. The process ID was used to generate the source port value. Furthermore a series of data sets has been generated of size 5000 destinations and a run of two cycles using two different data sets has been initiated to test the changes.

It appears that some of the promising results from fast mapping so far weren't actually black holes in load balancers. However new data is required as the problems above before they were fixed made the results less useful.