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Weekly report




Further work has been carried out on the development of the Megatree mathematical model. Megatree is like doubletree but stores and shares information about load balancers instead, and is applied to Traceroute MDA analysis. It has been difficult to fit regression models that provide useful predictions when extrapolated. This is because the data that I have to use is for 20 vantage points and 70000 destinations. Furthermore the number of vantage points which collected traces with a maximum to 65000 probes vs. 15000 is two out of 20. This first round of testing uses an average across vantage points, so it will be necessary to come back and focus on the two full test vantage points. In one case it was necessary to add a varying asymptotic model to the regression to get a useful realistic fit. Based on this, the first round of results look sensible and interesting. The model included my first attempts at estimating the cost of control packets, which share load balancer information between vantage points.

I have also been preparing for a discussion of my supervisors on how to round out my research program. This has involved generating a set of slides.