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Weekly Report




This week I tried to help Joe track down the OVS stats bug, but didnt really make any progress with that.

So then I started planning a hello based system for fault detection, and how best to fit it into the RouteFlow architecture. So I can push a lot of it pretty close to rfproxy, which, hopefully will mean that if the switch can implement its own fault detection like BFD for instance, then there wont need to be much change to RFServer.

This also means that the switches can respond to problems slightly quicker. This has caused me to slightly rethink the architecture I was using for the stats poller based fault detection, and I think moving more of that to rfproxy might be a good idea as well.

Dean Pemberton has written a different routeflow LSP plug in, which in some ways is a bit nicer than mine. It allows for arbitrarily assigning ports to rfvms and creates paths based on egress ports rather than datapaths. In his system he sets the src and mac destination for the packet once as it enters the system and then just forwards on labels, so I have looked a bit at using MAC addresses as LSP labels. It's nice because it is such a massive address space. It does feel like something that could go horribly wrong though.

I'm currently merging this with my multi-table stuff to use that as the basis for the fault detection.