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Weekly report




I am revisiting a strategy to find black holes in load balancers. The original set up used traceroute MDA which maps load balancers, followed by six cycles of Paris traceroute. The idea was to look for shortened Paris traces and further process these to see if the stop point was in a load balancer. A further final round of MDA has been added after Paris to check for route changes. The coding related to this change is underway. Currently more route changes are being found than should be so I am testing the algorithm that detects these on a trace case by case basis.

A mathematical model is also being developed for Megatree. This is an analogue to Doubletree that records details of load balancer diamonds and avoids repeatedly mapping them, especially the big complex ones that occur in smaller numbers. I have carried out regression analysis on the UDP CAIDA data to predict savings and packets numbers. I carried out transformations to make the residuals normally distributed and the relationships linear. These formulae were then included in a computer program which was inputted with factor levels used to produce customised results. I have generated results for the local and global scenarios i.e. within a vantage point and sharing LB data between vantage points. Next it will be necessary to generate relationships to make simulation of inter vantage point traffic costs possible.