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Weekly Report




I got the congestion packet loss to work by separating the ovs bridges with veth links and using tc to limit the throughput. As expected you see a small amount of loss across the paths.

In the process I have found that the issue with occasional packets being miscounted by ovs in the change between one of rule to another is fairly significant. It turns out to be a fraction of a percent of all packets, but that still means thousands of packets getting miscounted. On the other hand, that level of inaccuracy will likely be buried under the packets lost due to standard tcp behaviour. You wont be able to see the exact levels of packet loss that you would expect however.

My next plan is to get the pica8 set up so I can test what openflow functions exist in picos that arent in ovs. Supposedly MPLS and groups work, which is fairly important for what I am doing. I'm not sure I am entirely confident about this though.